150 Faithmakers fuel the movement


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150 Faithmakers fuel the movement

Melody and her son Brody at the Leadership Assembly in Indianapolis.

As a people of faith, we believe that everyone belongs and should have the opportunity to thrive.

Yet, some politicians aren’t listening to what families really need, and instead try to divide us based on what someone looks like, or how much money they have.

It’s time to stand up for each other and come together.  That is why we are asking you to become a faithmaker.

Faithmakers put their faith into action by pitching in whatever they can, every month, to sustain our collective vision for our state –  affordable healthcare, immigration and criminal justice reform, and pre-k for all children. Our goal is to get to 150 Faithmakers by June 30th, and we’re almost there!

To make Indiana a place where freedom is for everyone – no exeptions – we must bring our own money to the table. Fuel the people’s movement with the people’s money.

Will you join the fight for our families and become a faithmaker, today?


We are called to share God’s great abundance so all Indiana families thrive.

Yet, representatives in Congress just passed a bill that cuts nearly $20 billion from SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), takes benefits from 2 million people, privatizes public jobs and creates a lifetime ban on food assistance for some formerly incarcerated people.  

Faith in Indiana delivered abundance baskets to Senators Young and Donnelly to remind them Hoosiers are called to take care of our neighbors and urge them to vote down this horrible attempt to take food out of the mouths children.

SNAP provides food assistance for 611,401 Indiana residents, roughly 10% of our population.  Call your Senators, tell them to save SNAP for Indiana families.  

Senator Todd Young at 202-224-5623

Senator Joe Donnelly at 202-224-4814

Our Prophetic Narrative can innoculate ‘Dog-Whistle’ Politics

The results are in!

Our prophetic narrative can knit together a landscape of people from different places, different beliefs, and different races.  Bringing people together to shape a future where families thrive starts with us!

After decades of strategic ‘dog-whistle’ racism attitudes about race, inequality, and government are deeply intertwined.  Our new narrative makes the connection between racial division and economic hardship, and beats back the story of division dominating the public debate.

New research field tested by Faith in Indiana, and our partners Ian Haney Lopez (author of Dog Whistle Politics), Demos and Anat Shenker-Osorio (of ASO Communications) reveals the marjority of Hoosiers voters support our Families First Agenda and want to work together – across racial differences – to create fair and equitable laws that provide opportunity for our families to thrive.  This is where the change begins.

Read the full report at:

Gear up for Families First Actions

There is a lot at stake, this November.  Across the state, Faith in Indiana chapters are gearing up to host 100,000 conversations with Black and Brown people and those struggling to make ends meet – all to advance the Families First Agenda.  

To see which actions are taking place in your area, see the list below or check out our website calendar.

Black Census Fellows hit the street

Black Census Fellows are taking the first step in transforming Black communities into constituencies that build power in cities and states.  Fellows are talking to 200,000 people from diverse communities across the country, including here in Indiana, because they want to know what Black communities care about, what they need to thrive and what is getting in their way of achieving prosperity for their families.  Learn more about the Black Census Project.

Welcome Cayla and Stephen!

Cayla Dyer joined the Faith in Indiana community as Healthcare Organizer in May.  Cayla grew up in Anderson, Indiana and returned home after organizing with the Faith in Action Network in New Hampshire.  Cayla brings over five years ministry experience in Brazil and a Master’s of Divinity from Anderson University.

Stephen Zumbrun joined the Act Indiana team as the Democracy and Data Fellow.  A recent graduate of IUPUI School of Social Work, Stephen has worked with our team to understand the voting landscape and shape our voter engagement plans thru 2021.

Lots of change at Faith in Indiana, check out our statewide staff team here.

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Fuel the Movement to put Families First.

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