Faith community calls on Indiana’s senators to support a more generous pandemic aid package

A group of religious and community leaders are calling on Indiana’s two senators to support an economic recovery bill that would extend unemployment benefits, help immigrants and provide aid to [...]

Naomi Tutu speaks at demonstration urging city to look at FWPD use of force policy

Naomi Tutu, daughter of Nobel Peace Prize winner Desmond Tutu, joined Faith in Indiana at Promenade Park where she spoke along with protesters who said they had interactions with police during [...]

IU’s Fairbanks School gets $10.5M from Indianapolis for more than 300 contact tracers

In a move aimed at stopping the spread of the coronavirus in Indianapolis, the city has given the Indiana University Fairbanks School of Public Health $10.5 million to hire and manage more than [...]

Daughter of Nobel Prize winner, activist Desmond Tutu to be in Fort Wayne

Naomi Tutu, daughter of Desmond Tutu, will join several area faith leaders from Faith in Indiana at a demonstration at the Promenade Park Foundation Pavilion. Together, they plan to “life up the [...]

Indy councilors propose adding civilians to IMPD policy committee

Two Indianapolis City-County Councilors want to add civilians to the city’s General Orders Committee, which determines the procedures Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers use on a [...]

City-County Council members seek more community oversight over IMPD General Orders

“Our community is demanding both transparency and a seat at the table. In order for our law enforcement partners to do their jobs and protect us as citizens, we have to rebuild that trust between [...]

“We’ll be watching:” Leaders say discipline matrix a good start, but want more change

The South Bend Board of Public Safety approved a discipline matrix for the police department. ...[Faith in Indiana] religious leaders have been instrumental in lobbying for the passage of the [...]

Not yet clear what policies might exist to direct review of FWPD body cam footage

Reverend Karen Staton with Faith in Indiana, a faith organization working for racial and economic equity in the Hoosier state, thinks body cams are important, but her group wants suspensions [...]

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