Biden supporters in Fort Wayne celebrate the transfer of power to new president

By Jeff Neumeyer | WPTA21 (ABC, Fort Wayne)
Jan. 20, 2021

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) – Democrat Joe Biden on Wednesday placed his hand on the Bible to be sworn in as the nation’s 46th president, announcing he will be “a president for all Americans.”

People in Fort Wayne joined others from around the country in tuning in for the presidential inauguration ceremony held in the cold in Washington D.C.

One Biden supporter in town told us she believes the transition is marking a “new era of cooling tensions.”

Not everybody, of course, is happy with the transfer of power from President Trump to our new commander-in-chief, President Biden.

But Biden supporters would argue this was their day.

Pastor Karen Staton and Cookye Rutledge, a pair of African American women in the city who are in leadership roles, sat down and watched the swearing-in ceremony and then Vice-President Kamala Harris and new President Joe Biden address the nation.

Staton, with Faith in Indiana, said she believes there will now be more stability in the way things are conducted in the Oval Office.

Rutledge talked about what she embraced from Biden’s speech.

“I saw or heard the president talk about how our democracy is precious, it is fragile, and our democracy will never perish because people of goodwill are going to hold it together,” Rutledge said.

There was also a small inauguration watch party inside a Purdue Fort Wayne ballroom.

Saron Girma, a student who attended, said she is hoping for a break from what she thinks was too much upheaval in the final days of the last administration.

“I get a news notification on my phone and I’m like, oh Lord have mercy, what crazy thing has happened now, so I would hope that everyone can kind of take a breath,” said Girma.

We also spoke with Mike Count, who said he didn’t plan to watch the inauguration ceremony.

“We were ‘Trumpsters’, but I think it’s time for new, so looking forward to just new and better hopefully,” Count said.

This part of Indiana backed President Trump in the November election by a solid margin.

There were thoughts that there might be some protests in the city put on by supporters of President Trump.

At last report, none of those gatherings had materialized.

It was a day of celebration for President Biden, but there will be plenty of challenging days ahead, something every U.S. president faces.

Jeff Neumeyer is a reporter for WPTA.

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