Local officials, activists react to South Bend’s announcement it will fund crisis centerBl

Indianapolis leaders and community stakeholders on Thursday highlighted a proposal to include money for a pilot clinician-led emergency response program in the city's proposed budget – an [...]

Viewpoint: A question after the police killing of Dante Kittrell: Why?

By Faith in St. Joseph County Leaders David Springer and Rebekah Go No matter what our race, where we live, or how we pray, when our family members struggle with their mental health, we want them [...]

Community meeting expected to discuss mental health crisis units in South Bend

By Marek Mazurek | South Bend Tribune In the wake of Dante Kittrell’s death at the hands of South Bend police, community activists are holding a community meeting Wednesday night [...]

St. Joseph County Council pushes through CDC grant and pay raises for county workers

The St. Joseph County Council on Wednesday muscled through a $3 million federal grant to help fight COVID-19 among minority residents, as well as a plan to give pay hikes to workers and [...]

Viewpoint: Area faith leaders express concern about the debate over masks in schools

We, pastors and religious lay leaders from Faith in Indiana's St. Joseph County chapter, write to express our concern over the debate about masking in our schools. Due to the outbreak of the [...]

When is deadly force by police justified? ‘Imminent threat’ defined in South Bend policy

“Today’s vote, when it comes to the use of force policy, is a victory for our community," said Claval Hunter, a local pastor and a member of Faith in Indiana. "It brings us one step closer to [...]

When is deadly force by police justified? ‘Imminent threat’ defined in South Bend policy

By Marek Mazurek | South Bend Tribune SOUTH BEND — The Board of Public Safety Wednesday voted to incorporate a series of changes to the South Bend Police Department’s use of [...]

Mobile unit in South Bend area could offer cops an alternative to jailing people with mental illnesses

By Howard Dukes | South Bend Tribune SOUTH BEND — As the group Faith In Indiana pushes for a mobile response unit to give South Bend area police forces an alternative to [...]

Mobile unit could offer cops alternative to jailing people with mental illness

As the group Faith In Indiana pushes for a mobile response unit to give South Bend area police forces an alternative to jailing those with mental illness and substance abuse problems, both [...]

Community groups frustrated by lack of transparency in South Bend police review board hire

Alfred Guillaume Jr., a member of Faith in Indiana, said the group is waiting to see how Reynolds performs in his new role before developing an opinion of him. ... “I hope he does his job [...]

Proposed policy changes further define when deadly force can be used by South Bend officers

Over the past couple months, representatives from the mayor’s office, the police department and the group Faith in Indiana have worked on a series of updates, which were submitted to the Board of [...]

Officers say frustration, uncertainty swirl around South Bend police use of force policy

BLM-SB, along with Faith In Indiana, wanted the board to delay action in February so that it could address more of their concerns, but since the board decided to move forward then, the groups [...]

Viewpoint: Taking a proactive approach to the mental health crisis in our community

Sheriff Redman has met with Faith in Indiana and other organizations and individuals who recognize that we must act now to help prevent violent acts committed by someone with mental illness.

South Bend faith group urges stricter rules on police use of force

Members of the group Faith in Indiana on Thursday called for clearer restrictions on police use of force, urging the South Bend Board of Public Safety to reject a draft policy next week and send [...]

Few answers for family of man shot dead by New Mexico police

Activists on Friday rallied in person and online to bring attention to the case of a young Black man who was shot by New Mexico state police officers while on a road trip from Indiana to Arizona.

Family looks for answers after South Bend man is killed by police in New Mexico

Police say Applewhite, 25, who attended both Niles and Clay high schools, fled and later got into a fight with officers trying to arrest him. During the scuffle, police say, Applewhite grabbed an [...]

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