Nearly 300 leaders from across Indianapolis join the Black Church Coalition of Faith in Indiana at the Fund Our Futures Summit

“As modern day prophets, we stand on the shoulders of the old testament prophet Amos, who declared – Let Justice roll down like water and righteousness like an ever flowing stream (Amos [...]

Faith in Indiana to President Biden: Keep your promises, Halt All Deportations to Haiti and adopt a Humanitarian approach

Video footage released this week, which showed US border agents on horseback intentionally intimidating and mistreating Haitian migrants seeking asylum, was the latest in a series of failures by [...]

Mobile unit in South Bend area could offer cops an alternative to jailing people with mental illnesses

By Howard Dukes | South Bend Tribune SOUTH BEND — As the group Faith In Indiana pushes for a mobile response unit to give South Bend area police forces an alternative to [...]

VICTORY: St. Joseph County Officials pledge to #FundOurLives with Crisis Response Center and Mobile Crisis Teams

We know what keeps us safe: living in communities where all of us can provide for our families, get the care that we need, and build the future we want. That’s why, on Sunday, May 16, more than [...]

Philanthropists and politicians: Religion is not a problem to solve, it’s a partnership opportunity

Earlier this week, Michael Wear released a provocative op-ed, calling on philanthropists and politicians to see the “hidden infrastructure” faith and religious institutions provide to the health [...]

Faith leaders in Indianapolis respond to mass shooting that killed eight people, call on Indiana Governor to ‘Fund Our Lives’

For Immediate Release: April 16th, 2021Contact: Rosie Bryant | (317) 476-3552 | Rev. Richard Willoughby | (317) 341-5519 Indianapolis, IN. – In the wake of the murder of [...]

A step in the right direction: Community leaders react to new committee and policy changes within IMPD

“We think it’s a huge step forward, because the city of Indianapolis and the state of Indiana, more broadly, are pretty much doing something that hasn’t been done across the country.” Reverend [...]

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