Individuals and families who are confronted by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) or traumatized by local law enforcement may now call (317) 759-9474 and receive on-site support from trained rapid-response leaders within five minutes of the call.

Rapid responders act as moral and legal observers, while accompaniment teams will connect impacted families to legal and social services and work with them to determine an appropriate public response. Rapid responders will capture incident data, record video stories and document real-time reports that will be used to identify patterns over time and arm communities of color with the evidence needed to encourage policy change among public officials.

Faith in Indiana is working to prepare up to 450 leaders in multiple roles to work the hotline, including dispatchers, rapid responders, accompaniment teams, sanctuary hosts, trainers and more. Save (317) 759-9474 in your phone!

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Faith in Indiana Accomplishments

ECONOMIC DIGNITY: Raised $56 million annually to expand transit and create 45,000 new jobs.

CRIMINAL JUSTICE REFORM: Money bail see the beginning of the end in Indiana. More to come!

PROPHETIC VOICE GROWS: In a historic gathering of faith leaders across race, faith, and geography in Indiana launch a Moral Agenda backed by political muscle. Pledge to activate tens of thousands of ‘Prophetic Voters’ to hold candidates and elected officials accountable to divest in incarceration and invest in families ahead of the 2018 Mid-term Agenda. Join the movement register for founding convention.

LIVE FREE: One Month without a Homicide on City’s Eastside – LIVE FREE celebrates a dramatic shift as a result of pilot project and continues to work with city leaders to scale up Group Violence Intervention strategy that has led to dramatic drops in homicides in cities across the country by putting in place a path out of street life for the handful of active people engaged in gun violence.

Shoshanna makes the IBJ 40 Under 40 List “Our work is not about parties or politics,” she said. “It’s about lifting up the most vulnerable and the values that make our communities stronger.”

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