Daughter of Nobel Prize winner, activist Desmond Tutu to be in Fort Wayne

July 21, 2020

Read the story and watch an interview with The Rev. Naomi Tutu by WANE-TV 15’s Tara Brantley about Faith in Indiana and the role faith leaders play in our society at the source.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Naomi Tutu, daughter of Desmond Tutu, will join several area faith leaders from Faith in Indiana at a demonstration at the Promenade Park Foundation Pavilion.

Together, they plan to “life up the call for a moral leadership in Fort Wayne” and encourage Mayor Tom Henry to “immediately commit to a comprehensive review of the Police Department’s Use of Force Policy.

“No matter what side of town we live on, the color of our skin, or our age, every Fort Wayne resident deserves to be able to move and breathe in this city safely and freely, and have a police force that is commissioned to support and defend this right to breathe, not target it and snuff it out” says Rev. Karen Staton, Senior Pastor of Destiny Life Center and Clergy Leader of Faith in Allen County.

“In Fort Wayne, we have a lot of work to do to get there. As it did in South Africa, Fort Wayne’s path forward will require brown, black and white families, churches, and organizations to build an unprecedented coalition and advance a re-imagination of policing in our city, and government officials that don’t evade or kick the can down the road, but aggressively and bravely use their leadership to begin the path of truth and reconciliation,” said Rev. Stanton.

“Whether through the form of state-endorsed apartheid in South Africa, or unchecked police brutality and over-incarceration of black communities in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the temptation to use race as a tool for concentrating power and excusing away disparities is one the church will always need to require the government to actively resist,” commented Rev. Anthony Payton, Senior Pastor of Come As You Are Church and Faith in Allen County Clergy.

“Mayor Tom Henry has the ability and the responsibility to prioritize life in this city, starting with a commitment to begin a public, comprehensive overhaul of the Use of Force in the FWPD. Rev. Naomi has come from a whole other time zone to point to the importance of these needed reforms, the clergy and faith communities of Faith in Allen County will hope that the leadership of our city government recognizes their timely importance as well,” said Rev. Payton.

Seating will be limited and those who are “committing to the work of deep listening around the current experience of policing among Fort Wayne residents” will be given priority seating. To register click HERE. The event will also be available to stream on Facebook Live HERE.

The event is scheduled for Thursday, July 23 at 6:30 p.m.

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