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Senior Digital Strategist


Salary range




Remote okay (Midwest preferred)



Faith in Indiana unites tens of thousands of people across faith, race, and place to work together for racial and economic justice in Indiana.

In our work, we center the leadership of Black people, immigrants, Muslims, returning citizens, women and young people.

Through six county chapters, we work with 164 congregations and partner organizations with deep community roots in the communities we organize.

Faith in Indiana and our chapters are run and led by our grassroots leaders. We put people of color in positions of authority and leadership, and low-income people of color are the drivers of our program activities

In addition to believing strongly that power must be shared equitably in our organization and our society, we also believe that leaders are developed, not born; and that relationships grounded in trust and vulnerability coupled with radical accountability and direct, courageous communication allow for each of us to bring our full, brilliant selves to the table.

We make heavy use of the Race-Class Narrative, which is a narrative framework and strategic approach that emphasizes linking economic and racial justice, and using a people-centered storytelling approach that focuses on our values and what we want to achieve in the world.

Faith is also a big part of the stories we tell, and we amplify the prophetic voice of clergy in partnership with Indiana’s 17 largest religious traditions.

Faith in Indiana’s sister organization, Act Indiana, is a 501(c)4 social welfare organization that convenes the state’s 501(c)4 voter-alignment table, which is the primary vehicle to grow independent political power for our grassroots constituencies in our state.



Faith in Indiana is looking for a Senior Digital Strategist to run strategic digital campaigns, take our digital capacity to the next level, and run trainings and provide technical assistance to increase the digital capacity of our allied organizations in the state. This will all be aimed at helping us transform the public conversation in Indiana and shape the context in which elections are run and policy decisions are made.

Are you a fast, persuasive writer with an organizer’s mindset and great people skills who has solid experience leveraging digital tools to shape narratives and amplify the impact of on-the-ground organizing? If so, please read on.


In this role, you will:


  • Work with the Executive Director, our organizers, grassroots leaders and clergy, and our coalition partners to hone our organizational voice, amplify our worldview and harness the power of narrative for social change
  • Identify strategic opportunities where digital campaigns can impact the public narrative and/or amplify our on-the-ground organizing work, and then plan and execute our digital campaigns to capitalize on those opportunities,
  • Bottomline (with help from and the input of others) the coordination, planning and creation of digital assets (including digital content, strategy documents, social media toolkits and digital plans) for internal and external partners
  • Become an expert in the Race-Class Narrative messaging frameworks and ensure RCN messaging consistency across platforms.
  • Develop and lead a peer-support cohort focused on relationship-building, coaching, training and technical support, with a goal of increasing the capacity of our allies and state partners to amplify a narrative.
  • Increase the number of people we reach through email, social media and peer-to-peer texting, including by targeting audiences online using lists pulled from the voter file.
  • Coach organizers, leaders and staff to run strategic, on-message digital campaigns.
  • Analyze digital metrics and analytics to draw actionable insights and integrate lessons learned over the course of the campaign
  • Design and implement a regular reporting process, and otherwise support the process of evaluating the results of digital campaigns and promoting data-driven decision-making.
  • Support paid social media efforts, including concept and creative development, audience targeting and placement.
  • Track changes to the digital landscape (the tools and technology available, the behavior of the platforms, etc.), and identify opportunities for FaithIN and our state partners to innovate or adopt updated best practices.



You could be great for this role if:


  • You’re an excellent all-around communicator and have the ability to quickly draft sharp, persuasive and well-messaged written copy for a variety of audiences.
  • You’re a creative and nimble digital strategist who has at least three years of experience (ideally more) using social media, blast email campaigns, digital advertising, and other digital tools in an organizational context to engage people and mobilize them to take action.
  • You have an organizer’s mindset and know how to develop a shared goal and move people to act collectively even in the face of uncertainty.
  • You’re a good trainer who can simplify complex ideas so they are accessible to everyday people
  • You’re a people person who builds strong relationships and has the skills to resolve conflict while still maintaining important and effective relationships.
  • You have expertise in a range of digital tools and tactics, and have a good understanding about the different ways they can be leveraged in different campaign contexts (e.g. supporting earned media vs. driving event attendance, rapid response vs. planned campaign arcs, audience acquisition vs. persuasion/awareness, etc.).
  • You have the ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment and possess an adaptable style that can drive progress even amid ambiguity and complexity.
  • You can take an idea and run with it, while also keeping team members in the loop to ensure you get the feedback and buy-in you need.
  • You have a head for numbers and can run A/B tests and draw actionable insights from digital metrics and analytics data.
  • You have solid design chops. You don’t need to be a graphic designer, but you should have an eye for design and at least some ability to use software like Photoshop or Illustrator, meme & GIF generators, and/or apps like Canva.
  • You have field or electoral experience, or you’re curious about it and want to learn more.
  • You can juggle multiple priorities simultaneously and meet established deadlines without letting things fall through the cracks.
  • You know how to give and receive feedback well.
  • You have a track record of working effectively across multiple differences (race, faith, urban/rural, gender, orientation, age, language, etc.).
  • You’re values-aligned. You are genuinely interested in grassroots organizing, harnessing the power of faith communities, and lifting up the voices of directly impacted peoples. And you have a strong commitment to racial and economic justice.

While not required, a strong candidate might have one or more of the following:


  • Extensive experience (ideally more than five years) working in a digital capacity for advocacy organizations, unions and/or electoral campaigns.
  • More than a passing familiarity with the Race-Class Narrative findings.
  • Experience as a trainer or coach (especially experience involving digital skills, strategic communications or anything else that’s salient to the organizing, electoral or advocacy space).
  • Experience working in or with Black churches or Spanish-speaking immigrant communities.
  • Experience writing for religious or interfaith audiences.
  • Community roots in Indiana or meaningful connections to the cultural or political landscape of Indiana.
  • Nuts-and-bolts organizing or field experience.
  • A history of active involvement in social movements that work to support racial justice, immigrant rights, economic justice and/or protect our democracy.
  • Experience in rapid-response digital campaigning or other experience writing lots of content under tight deadlines.
  • Experience in public opinion research and/or message testing.
  • Experience working with a team to quickly develop and implement creative and strategic digital campaigns in response to a rapidly shifting situation.
  • Agency experience or significant experience managing organizational stakeholders in a coalition (or similar) setting.
  • A record of growing and engaging large audiences on social media channels, and/or a record of managing high-profile social media accounts.
  • Experience managing a large digital advertising budget or executing large digital advertising campaigns.
  • Experience managing graphic designers, coders and/or videographers to produce content on spec, on time and on budget.
  • Familiarity with key data toolsets and platforms widely used in the progressive organizing world (e.g. Catalist, TargetSmart, Civis, NGP VAN).
  • Experience with blast emails tools and online activism CRMs (Salsa Engage, Action Network, ActionKit, NationBuilder, EveryAction, New/Mode, Blue State Digital, etc.)
  • Experience running peer-to-peer or broadcast text-messaging campaigns, or relational organizing campaigns.
  • Experience working in a remote team environment.

Regardless of role, we expect everyone at Faith in Indiana to:


  • Recognize the impact of white supremacy on all of our lives and bring racial equity, inclusion, and intersectionality to all levels of our work.
  • Have high emotional intelligence
  • Approach obstacles that must be overcome with tenacity and persistence, with the understanding that sometimes requires self-reflection and patience, empathetic listening.



This will be a full-time, exempt position through at least June of 2021 (and after that contingent on funding). The role can be done remotely from anywhere in the United States — though we prefer candidates based in the Midwest and we’d love to have you move to Indiana! However, regardless of location, the candidate should expect to work a regular schedule of 9am-6pm Eastern or Central Time. Occasional work on nights and weekends will be required (and may become more frequent as the election season heats up).

The compensation for this role includes a salary of $75,000-85,000 (depending on experience) and excellent benefits including full medical and dental coverage, a 5% retirement match after 2 years, and generous paid time off. We also provide a cell phone with unlimited talk and data and a computer at the beginning of employment.

This position will report to the Executive Director, Shoshanna Spector.



Please email your resume, answers to the questions below, and (ideally) a sample of your work as an attachment to:

In lieu of a traditional cover letter, please answer the following questions:


  1. Why are you applying for this job? (Suggested word limit: 200)
  2. What formative experience with injustice brought you into the social change movement? (Suggested word limit: 200)
  3. In the About this Role section of this job listing (see above) there is a list of bullet points under the heading “While not expected, a strong candidate might have one or more of the following…” Which of these bullet points do you believe you bring to the table? Please list them with a few words of explanation if that’s useful. Note, where there is a list of different ways to meet the criteria of a single bullet point, please specify which one(s) you bring to the table.

In addition, please be sure to include your last name and “Senior Digital Strategist” in the subject line of the email.

Questions about this position or the application process can be sent to

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, with applicants encouraged to apply ASAP and no later than 11:59pm ET on Sunday, June 21.

Confronting the systems of racism that structure our economic, political and social lives is at the heart of who we are, and Faith in Indiana is committed to develop a highly effective, directly impacted staff team with deep roots in the communities we organize.

Of our 11-person Board of Directors, four are women, seven are people of color, and seven are low-income. Of our seven-person staff, six are women, four are people of color, seven come from low-income backgrounds, and one is LGBTQ.

Faith in Indiana is an equal opportunity employer with a strong commitment to social justice. People of color and women are strongly encouraged to apply.

Please note: Candidates should be respectful of people of faith but may be of any (or no) faith or religious background.

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