Faith in Indiana is a statewide faith based organization that works with faith leaders from various faith traditions across the state to address and resolve social justice issues facing rural, urban and suburban communities. With chapters in Allen, Elkhart, Marion, Lake and St. Joseph counties we opportunities for diverse communities to come together and resolve issues affecting Indiana families and our collective future as a State.

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Faith in Indiana is training the next generation of prophetic leaders to transform people, institutions and public systems to live out a divine vision for racial and economic equity that upholds the dignity of each person and recognizes our common destiny. 

For Indiana to be strong and vibrant, all families – including those that have been so often discounted, dispossessed and disenfranchised – need to be able to thrive not just barely survive. Our purpose for gathering is to form an ambitious moral vision from among the leadership of Indiana’s faith landscape, and begin shaping an agenda that encourages divesting public money from programs that are tearing families apart through incarceration and detention, and reinvest in initiatives that help families stay united and flourish. The agenda we collectively create will prioritize the needs of Hoosier families, especially those that have been devastated by flawed criminal justice and immigration policies, and an economy that places profit above people.

We encourage anyone who is interested in participating or volunteering to come to one of our meetings or gatherings.  Take a look at our calendar of events and if you wish to attend any of them, simply click on the event and RSVP.

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It is a conversation that is cultivated daily, as we set the “welcome table,” where our common commitment is not to the same religion, but to the same radical love of our State and it’s people and our commitment to their liberation.

Faith in Indiana stands for equality, community and dignity for all. Together, we are building relationships, identifying common concerns, finding solutions and taking action to improve the quality of life and expanding opportunity for all of Hoosiers — especially the most vulnerable. By working together, we expand the human capacity of our citizens, turning individuals into a collaborative, organized movement of people with values and power — strong partners with public officials and policy makers who impact long-term, measurable systemic change.

Sharing our story is a part of this journey and we encourage you to do the same.

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“To be a pastor and a prophet means to care for the hearts of our people, to fight for their humanity.  For theirs, for ours, for everybody in this country.” Rabbi Sharon Brous

Faith in Indiana (formerly IndyCAN!) is a catalyst for marginalized peoples and people of faith to act collectively for racial and economic justice. In partnership with 60+ congregations, organizations, and the 17 largest denominations in the Indiana, Faith in Indiana activates tens of thousands of people to win concrete policy change at the regional, state, and national levels. Faith in Indiana is deeply rooted in the stories of our people and our shared faith values.

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