Faith in Indiana calls on Mayor Hogsett to support policing reforms

June 4, 2020

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INDIANAPOLIS – After days of continued protest, the group Faith in Indiana held a press conference to share Mayor Joe Hogsett’s response to the community’s pleas for police reform.

During the press conference, the group announced IMPD will submit a draft of their use of force policy in the next 24 hours. The group says it will allow citizens to be informed of what IMPD’s policies and procedures are so they can be held accountable.

They also said Hogsett and IMPD Chief Randal Taylor will submit a draft on disciplinary action for officers.

Faith in Indiana says over 1,000 people sent direct messages to Hogsett demanding action. They want the mayor to support their “LIVE FREE” agenda.

The seven-point agenda is designed to bring policing reforms to the Circle City by:

  1. Enacting police use of force policy
  2. Implementing progressive discipline policy
  3. Ongoing de-escalation and procedural justice training
  4. Implementing group violence intervention recommendations immediately
  5. Responding to mental health crisis with treatment not incarceration
  6. Removing unfair protections for officers in law enforcement contracts
  7. Requiring independent investigations of police violence

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