Faith leaders call on city to speed up police reform

by Selina Guevara | WSBT 22 (Mishawaka, Michiana)
March 7, 2020

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A community in mourning is now calling for action.

The activism group “Faith in Indiana” lead prayers and a march Saturday afternoon to call on the Mayor’s office for law enforcement reforms.

This comes a day after the police officer who fatally shot Eric Logan in 2019 was found to be justified in the shooting, and won’t be facing any criminal charges for the incident.

The group has been a big advocate for adopting a police discipline matrix, and have shown up to almost every public meeting on the topic to give their input, which beyond the discipline, includes adding de-escalation training for all officers.

They say the changes they’ve recommended aren’t coming fast enough and are pushing for the city to adopt an official matrix within 60 days.

“We just want everything to be right. We just want justice and we just want order and we just want peace in our land,” said Dennis Givens, a pastor and member of Faith in Indiana.

What started as an indoor gathering soon headed outside, proceeding from First United Methodist Church in Downtown South Bend to the memorial near where Eric Logan was killed at Central High Apartments, and then over to the County-City Building.

Logan’s family was in attendance and still emotional after yesterday’s news that the officer who shot him won’t face charges related to that incident.

Faith in Indiana leaders say they are holding a rally today because that’s still fresh in everyone’s minds.

“Our hope is just that we don’t have a repeat of that incident,” said Dion Payne-Miller, a high school junior and leader in Faith in Indiana.

During Friday’s community discussion, mayor James Mueller highlighted the city’s efforts to build a discipline matrix for police officers–that outlines specific and standardized punishments for misconduct.

“I hope you guys do hold us accountable if you think we are trying to not get them done and to drag our feet. There is a sincere genuine effort to get this right,” Mueller said.

“It’s one thing to say it. but it’s another thing to do it,” Payne-Miller said at the procession. “We feel that there’s been a lot of discussions but the action behind it, what are you actually doing right now? I don’t see that personally myself.”

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