Faith leaders hold procession in Indianapolis to protest police killings, call for reform

By Fox59 News
May 31, 2020

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INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana faith leaders held a procession in Indianapolis Sunday to protest the police killing of George Floyd, Dreasjon Reed and many others and to demand reform.

The procession began at the Indiana State House and ended at the City County Building. Roughly 1,000 people took part.

“It has been said evil persists when good men say and do nothing, and it is incumbent upon every decent human being to condemn the killing of unarmed black men and women in this country,” said Pastor Kenneth Sullivian, senior pastor of New Direction Church in Indianapolis. “Despite COVID-19, gun violence continues to persist in the community and we are calling on Mayor Hogsett to lead with us.”

“From long before the global pandemic took over our lives, we lived within a system that has developed, maintained and protected racism — allowing police and vigilante violence against black people that has taken black lives with impunity,” said Rosie Bryant, lead organizer with Faith in Indiana. “The only acceptable response is action and it starts at home with Mayor Hogsett’s full implementation of Faith in Indiana’s LIVE FREE Agenda.”

Faith in Indiana is calling for action at all levels of government to enact policies and legislation that make police accountable and result in justice for victims and effective disciplinary action and criminal charges for those at fault. The organization urges Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett to fully implement LIVE FREE reforms.

LIVE FREE Reform Agenda (Image By Faith in Indiana)

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