Faith in Indiana wins commitment from Indianapolis Mayor on gun violence prevention strategy

video source: Fox59 News

After more than a decade of hard work by hundreds of Faith in Indiana leaders and clergy, gun violence prevention in Indianapolis is taking a huge leap forward this year.

From Fox59 News:

Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett and the executive director of the National Institute for Criminal Justice Reform spoke Wednesday on a partnership with the city which will hopefully, finally curb gun violence. NICJR has worked with the city for some time, analyzing the violence problem in Indy and offering recommendations to stop more people from dying.

The Hogsett Administration said now the city finally has the money to implement these recommendations thanks to the American Rescue Plan.

“The program is evidence-based and it is data-backed,” Hogsett said during today’s news conference with NICJR leaders and other elected and appointed officials. “Ultimately it focuses on how we can identify the individuals and the groups most likely to be involved in gun violence, and thereby intervene before violence occurs.”

Those identified will be connected with a life coach-type of mentor who will talk to them daily and meet with them multiple times a week at first.

“Someone who’s going to work with that person, develop a positive, trusting relationship with them first,” NICJR Executive Director David Muhammad said. “First about an intensive relationship, then once you have a relationship with them, you can influence them and your influence can turn into better decision making.”

“Three years ago, we were invited here by Faith in Indiana to meet with community leaders, clergy members, and the mayor to start the process [of ending gun violence in Indianapolis]. Now the city of Indianapolis is poised, with the infrastructure, the talent, and now the investment to significantly reduce gun violence in the city.”

NICJR Executive Director David Muhammad

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