It’s just begun…

On Saturday, April 21st, we saw what it looks like to put families first, and it’s just begun.

In a historic show of unity, more than 1,000 people of faith – from towns big and small across the Hoosier state – gathered April 21 for Faith in Indiana’s Families First Convention to tell elected officials and candidates running for office it’s time to focus on pre-k, health care and ending the misuse of jails so families thrive.

Check out the incredible moments we witnessed.

Senator Donnelly Commits to Reject Scare Tactics and Any Budget that Strips Health Care

Senator Donnelly Commits to Reject Scare Tactics and Any Budget that Strips Healthcare

U.S. Senator Joseph Donnelly joined the Families First Movement by pledging to reject the use of racialized scare tactics in his campaign. These common-used tactics aim to distract us by blaming our hard times on poor families, black people or new immigrants. Instead, Sen. Donnelly committed, he will fight for our families in DC by protecting health care at every turn – rejecting any effort to repeal, replace, or give tax breaks that will drain money from our social safety nets.

Watch the live-feed.

New Religious Voting Bloc will Usher in 100,000 Families First Voters

One by one, representatives of new Faith in Indiana chapters in Elkhart, Allen, Lake, Marion, Hamilton and St. Joseph counties, stepped up to the mic, announcing commitments to hosting hundreds of volunteer canvass shifts leading up to the mid-term elections. They will activate 100,000 Families First voters in the largest non-partisan neighbor-to-neighbor voter program Indiana has ever seen. This program will be fueled by the people’s money – not outside corporations — bringing people together across lines of race, political party and the rural/urban divide. The new coalition includes over 164 faith institutions, community groups and labor unions.

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Mayor Hogsett: Marion County on track to be Families FirstMayor Hogsett

This year, mayors, sheriffs and prosecutors can end ICE detainers, end money bail and launch CeaseFire – a proven strategy to cut homicides in half. These steps are already under way in Indianapolis. Mayor Hogsett affirmed his previous commitment to fully implement the three strategies – starting with making sure the city’s new violence-reduction initiative gets the technical assistance it needs this year to scale-up evidence-based best practices proven to dramatically drop homicides. He also encouraged his colleagues across the state to work with Faith in Indiana to do the same.

Learn more about the Families First Policy Agenda

Did Your Representative Take the
Families First Pledge?

Allen County Sheriff Dave Gladieux signing Families First Pledge

Allen County Sheriff Dave Gladieux and dozens of elected officials and candidates pledged to meet with their home-district Faith in Indiana chapters in the next 90 days to advance the Families First Policy Agenda. The Agenda identifies concrete steps elected officials at all levels of government can take this year to lift up and invest in:

— pre-k for all

— treatment for the mentally ill and those who suffer from addiction

— health care

— keeping families together instead of locked behind bars.




Who already took the Families First Pledge?

— Linda Brooks (D) – candidate for House District 80

— John Barnes (D) — candidate for State Representative District 89

— Lisa Beck (D) — candidate for House District 19

— Bill Benjamin — candidate for Marion County Sheriff

— Chris Chuyng (D) — candidate for House District 15

— JD Ford (D) — candidate for Senate District 29

— David Gladieux (R) — Allen County Sheriff

— Carey Hamilton (D) — State Representative House District 87

— Cindy Kirchoffer (R) — State Representative District 89

— Elizabeth Lamping — Beech Grove City Council President

— John Layton — Marion County Sheriff

— Dee Thorton — candidate for Congressional District 5

Keep checking back; we’ll update as new representatives sign-on.

Act Indiana: New State Table Grows Influence

ACT Indiana logo

Act Indiana’s new state c4 coalition table is the primary vehicle to grow independent political power to achieve racial and economic justice in Indiana.

Our growing network of organizations is deeply rooted in our communities, building shared tools and capacities, and aligned around a long-term roadmap through 2021.

Founding Partners include

  • Faith in Indiana
  • Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Healthcare IL IN
  • SEIU Local 1
  • UniteHere Local 23
  • Labor for Our Revolution
  • Central Indiana AFL-CIO
  • Healthcare for America Now
  • more

Become a member at:

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As of May 1, the Indianapolis Congregation Action Network is now officially Faith in Indiana! Update your records with our new contacts, and find us online at our new home.

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