Local Faith Leaders Call On South Bend Board Of Public Safety To Approve Discipline Matrix

By AnnaCaroline Caruso | WVPE 88.1FM (NPR, Elkhart/Michiana)
Jan. 13, 2020

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A group of local faith leaders gathered today Monday to call on the South Bend Board of Public Safety to approve the proposed discipline matrix for the police department.

The discipline matrix lays out a series of consequences for different categories of offenses. The goal is to be more clear about what the consequences of an officer’s actions will be.

Pastor J.B. Williams is one of the faith leaders who supports the matrix. He said South Bend needs a set discipline process because punishments for officers have been inconsistent in the past.

“Officers who repeatedly engaged in serious misconduct, abusive, or discriminatory behavior, or excessive use of force, received little or more than a slap on the wrist and continued in their positions.”

According to the proposed matrix, disciplines could be anything from an oral reprimand to termination, depending on the offense.

The Board of Public Safety is expected to vote on the matrix at its meeting this Wednesday.

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Photo: A group of faith leaders gather at the South Bend County-City building to express support for the discipline matrix. CREDIT ANNACAROLINE CARUSO

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