Nearly 300 leaders from across Indianapolis join the Black Church Coalition of Faith in Indiana at the Fund Our Futures Summit

“As modern day prophets, we stand on the shoulders of the old testament prophet Amos, who declared – Let Justice roll down like water and righteousness like an ever flowing stream (Amos 5:24). We are our ancestors’ dream…fighting for our liberation.” opened Rev. Dr. Carlos Perkins, Pastor of Bethel AME Church as the nearly 300 community leaders stood in unison to echo “It’s time to Fund Our Future!”

The ‘Fund Our Future’ Summit comes after 400 conversations with Black people, Muslims, and neighbors across the city, and dozens of meetings with local and national experts over the last six months. Together, we shared clear goals developed by our community for the future of Indianapolis, what we’re calling the Fund Our Future Agenda; 

  1. a 30% drop in gun related murders and shootings by June of 2023 
  2. a robust crisis response continuum from call to care, and 
  3. reform our law enforcement agencies to be culturally effective and accountable to the communities they serve.

As Indianapolis Mayor Hogsett took the stage, he affirmed his continued commitment to work with Faith in Indiana leaders toward these goals, and vowed to include funds in the 2023 budget to launch the city’s first-ever clinician-led mobile crisis team next year. 

The commitments our elected leaders made to us last week were monumental. But last week was just the beginning. That’s why we are asking you to weigh in on the Fund Our Futures Policy agenda by taking a few seconds to answer four simple questions:

Also present, our IMPD Chief Randall Taylor pledged to work with Faith in Indiana to advance the Fund Our Future Agenda, starting with data transparency to track racial disparities in law enforcement.  At the summit he pledged to implement a system to ensure every IMPD officer tracks racial demographics at every pedestrian and traffic stop, and makes this data available to the public annually on the IMPD website. 

We were also accompanied by City-County Council President Vop Osili, Deputy Mayor Judith Thomas, Prosecutor Ryan Mears, Deputy Police Chief Chris Bailey, CEO and President of Eskenazi Health Paul Babcock whose presence demonstrates their commitment to keep the pedal to the metal of progress until every child – no matter their race, how they pray, or where they live  – is cared for in a moments of crisis and is safe in our community. 

Last Tuesday, we showed our collective voice is growing louder and stronger than ever. We’re making ourselves impossible to ignore – and this week, we started seeing results in a big, big way. Join your voice to ours, and let Mayor Hogsett know what matters most to you when it comes to keeping us safe. 

Both Mayor Hogsett and IMPD Chief Randall Taylor agreed to meet with Faith in Indiana delegates in the next two weeks to follow up on the plans moved forward at the summit. 

We know we can win, because we’ve done it before, and it will take all of us doing are part. 

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