South Bend police get revised use of force policy on anniversary of Eric Logan’s death

Tonight South Bend instituted some changes into the police department. "We did a lot of work. A lot of work went into this,” said Pastor Claval Hunter.

When is deadly force by police justified? ‘Imminent threat’ defined in South Bend policy

“Today’s vote, when it comes to the use of force policy, is a victory for our community," said Claval Hunter, a local pastor and a member of Faith in Indiana. "It brings us one step closer to [...]

Indiana faith leaders discuss importance of redistricting

Shoshanna Spector, director of Faith in Indiana, said redistricting is a chance for political leaders to move district lines to benefit their power. “Voters should pick their leaders, not leaders [...]

Mobile unit could offer cops alternative to jailing people with mental illness

As the group Faith In Indiana pushes for a mobile response unit to give South Bend area police forces an alternative to jailing those with mental illness and substance abuse problems, both [...]

VICTORY: St. Joseph County Officials pledge to #FundOurLives with Crisis Response Center and Mobile Crisis Teams

We know what keeps us safe: living in communities where all of us can provide for our families, get the care that we need, and build the future we want. That’s why, on Sunday, May 16, more than [...]

Fort Wayne Police highlight next steps toward needed reform and racial justice

As a way to bring the community together and work toward a better understanding of the issues, Mayor Tom Henry created the Fort Wayne Commission on Police Reform and Racial Justice in June 2020. [...]

Pulling the Trigger

“I can’t sleep, I can’t eat. I’m heartbroken,” Applewhite’s mother said at the time, according to a media release by Faith in Indiana, a racial and economic justice organization. “Why is it [...]

Community groups frustrated by lack of transparency in South Bend police review board hire

Alfred Guillaume Jr., a member of Faith in Indiana, said the group is waiting to see how Reynolds performs in his new role before developing an opinion of him. ... “I hope he does his job [...]

Proposed policy changes further define when deadly force can be used by South Bend officers

Over the past couple months, representatives from the mayor’s office, the police department and the group Faith in Indiana have worked on a series of updates, which were submitted to the Board of [...]

Call for more funding of local mental health resources

Faith in Indiana is asking St. Joseph County elected officials to give at least 10 percent of its American Rescue Plan money to fund local mental health resources. ... It hopes to have a plan for [...]

Over 250 faith leaders call for crisis response center at town hall

Faith leaders all across Michiana are calling for change. "We are here because we want to bring forth solutions,” one faith leader said at a town hall hosted by Faith In Indiana Sunday called “We [...]

Philanthropists and politicians: Religion is not a problem to solve, it’s a partnership opportunity

Earlier this week, Michael Wear released a provocative op-ed, calling on philanthropists and politicians to see the “hidden infrastructure” faith and religious institutions provide to the health [...]

La cárcel del condado de Marion seguirá deteniendo inmigrantes a petición de ICE

Los defensores de los inmigrantes y los líderes religiosos de Indiana pidieron el martes al alguacil del condado de Marion, Kerry Forestal, que dejara de retener a los inmigrantes en la cárcel [...]

Sheriff will still obey ICE detainers; Marion County Jail to keep holding immigrants

Indiana immigrant advocates and faith leaders on Tuesday asked Marion County Sheriff Kerry Forestal to stop holding immigrants at the county jail without a warrant at the request of U.S. [...]

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