Rallying For Dreamers

Clay County, IN – People rallied in Clay County today with a vigil to support the Dreamers and DACA recipients.

Their hope is to grab the attention of lawmakers before big decisions are made on the fate of those at risk of deportation.

Earlier today, the Sisters of Providence joined community members to push for reconsideration on deporting dreamers.

The Clay County Jail acts as a holding facility for ICE detainees and those rallying today say they are urging lawmakers to consider the contribution immigrants make in their communities.

But, the local law enforcement here in Clay County says they are talking to the wrong people.

“We want to bring a message to our legislators, both at the state and the national level, that we really need to stop putting all of the money into detention centers like we have here,” says Carolyn Higginbothan of Faith In Indiana.

Clay County Sheriff Paul Harden says “We have an agreement with the federal government and the Department of Immigration to hold these individuals, detainees, as they are taking them to another facility or to court.”

Those rallying today say there should be a process in place that gives Dreamers a way to achieve citizenship without risking their parents.

The Sheriff’s Department says all of the questions and concerns should be addressed to Indianapolis ICE.

March 8, 2018 | MyWabashValley.com | Link to Story

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