Trump supporters, upset about election outcome, chant, ‘Stop the Steal’ at downtown gathering

By Jeff Neumeyer | WPTA 21 (ABC, Fort Wayne)

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) – Donald Trump backers demonstrated outside the Allen County Courthouse Wednesday, expressing their displeasure with election results that show Democrat Joe Biden is America’s next president.

Around 50 people at the noon-time event carried signs that read, “Trump Won” and “Stop the Steal”.

They join Trump supporters across the country, including those who took part in protests in Washington, disputing the outcome of the November presidential election, claiming fraudulent vote counting in several key states.

A number of Republican U.S. Senators and members of the House of Representatives planned Wednesday to raise a challenge about the election results at a joint session of Congress designed to ratify electoral college votes showing Biden as the victor.

Election officials in each instance refuted allegations of wrongdoing, saying there is no evidence to substantiate any significant problems with the vote tabulation process.

Members of the Allen County TEA Party helped organize the downtown demonstration for President Trump.

Brendan Koogler took part.

“We’re winning in these states and then 3 a.m. (Election night) all these votes get dumped and all of a sudden we’re not winning anything. So, it makes you really wonder how is a guy that is sitting in his basement 24/7 out here beating a guy who has had record-beating rallies over the country,” Koogler said.

But Pastor Karen Staton with Faith in Indiana, an organization that has championed racial justice issues, is looking forward to the transition of power.

“14 days (President Trump) will be out, he’s made some desperate attempts to stay in, I hate to say it, but it’s something that you said to so many people Mr. President, you’re fired,” Staton said.

Inauguration Day for President-elect Joe Biden is Wednesday, January 20.

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Audrey Davis in Fort Wayne Magazine December 2020