We are leading together to create a more just, sustainable, and inclusive Indiana. Together, we work to advance:


We work towards a criminal justice system that promotes healing and redemption, shifts resources away from the mass criminalization of Black people, immigrants, and poor families. We support an end to the cash bail system, a focus on treatment instead of incarceration for mental illness and addiction, and reforms to ensure police and law enforcement officials are accountable to the communities they serve.


As people of faith, we are called to welcome people who travel far from home to make a better life for their families. Our organizing work builds leadership skills for immigrants and religious minorities. We endorse policies that give everyone access to healthcare, education, and driver’s licenses, regardless of immigration status. We support a path to full citizenship for all 11 million undocumented immigrants. We oppose policies that menace immigrant communities and separate family members from each other.


No matter where people live, what they look like, or what’s in their wallets, everyone gets sick. At some point in our lives, we all need affordable quality healthcare. But today, political elites, drug corporations, and powerful lobbyists are standing in the way of our health. Faith in Indiana is organizing for a healthcare system where everyone has access to quality healthcare, and live healthy lives without going bankrupt.


We imagine a world in which every family has what we need to get and stay well, every working person has a safe, good job; all of our children receive excellent education, from preschool to college, without taking on debt; and we heal the damage done to our communities so we can have healthy air, water, and land for generations to come.


Without a functioning democracy, we can’t win any of the changes we want. That’s why Faith in Indiana is organizing to build a fair and inclusive democracy that puts people at the center of politics. We support fair redistricting, removing barriers to voting like automatic voter registration, an end to voter ID, and other reforms to make it easier for people to be voter. In order to bring our democracy to life, we’re building a pipeline from the grassroots to the highest offices, so our voice is heard everywhere decisions are made that impact our lives.

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