Who We Are

Our Mission

Faith in Indiana is a vehicle for faith communities and people of good will to work together for racial and economic equity in Indiana.

Treatment Not Jails

Our Values (Shared Beliefs)

Our diverse religious traditions share a common belief in the abundance of God’s blessings for all people and a divine vision of justice for the most vulnerable in our society.

Recognizing our common destiny and the dignity of each person, we are called to act together to:

  • UNITE our people, our regions, and our nation to overcome isolation and build communities of belonging
  • CREATE opportunities for the well-being of All God’s Children, especially the poor and the most vulnerable
  • TRANSFORM ourselves, our communities, and our systems
  • RESTORE relationships
  • PARTICIPATE fully in democratic life

What We Do

Faith in Indiana equips Indiana residents to make their community a better place.

We believe everyone can be a leader, so we help build skills for people who want to work for change.

We equip priests, pastors, rabbis, and imams to take a public stand, rooted in their sacred texts, on the issues facing Indiana.

We aim to revitalize our state’s democracy. Our grassroots volunteers register people to vote, remind registered voters to go to the polls, and educate everyone about the issues at stake. And they do it all year round. Participating in elections gives everyday Hoosiers the opportunity to set our state on a path to prosperity, equity, and inclusion.

Today, Indiana is deeply divided. Faith in Indiana brings people together across divisions of race, faith, and place.

We are a proud member of Faith in Action.

Our Vision for Indiana

We are building a just and inclusive Indiana where everyone belongs and everyone thrives.

We support changes that put Families First.

Our Families First Agenda

  • RESTORATIVE JUSTICE: Shifting the criminal justice from retribution to restoration and healing.
  • IMMIGRANT INCLUSION: Everyone should feel welcome in Indiana, including immigrants and religious minorities.
  • A CARING ECONOMY: We can help all types of families care for each other.
  • A FAIR DEMOCRACY: We believe in a multi-racial democracy where it’s easy to participate, every vote counts, and people are more important than profits.

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