Organizer, Black Church Coalition

Salary range: $40-$55,000 (DOE)
Location: Indianapolis


Faith in Indiana unites tens of thousands of people across faith, race, and place to work together for racial and economic justice in Indiana. 

In our work, we center the leadership of Black people, immigrants, Muslims, returning citizens, women and young people. 

Through six county chapters, we work with 164 congregations and partner organizations with deep roots in the communities we organize. 

Faith in Indiana and our chapters are run and led by our grassroots leaders. People of color are in positions of authority and leadership, and low-income people of color are the drivers of our campaigns and strategies.  

In addition to believing strongly that power must be shared equitably in our organization and our society, we also believe that leaders are developed, not born; and that relationships grounded in trust and vulnerability coupled with radical accountability and direct, courageous communication allow for each of us to bring our full, brilliant selves to the table. 

Faith values are also a big part of what drives us. We organize people through faith institutions, in partnership with Indiana’s 17 largest religious traditions. We amplify the prophetic voice of clergy from diverse backgrounds.   

Faith in Indiana’s sister organization, Act Indiana, is a 501c4 social welfare organization that runs large-scale voter engagement programs. Each year we hold deep canvass conversations with thousands of people of color, women, and young people often ignored by traditional campaigns.

Our Black Church Coalition is a leader in the Live Free Campaign, a Black-led effort to reduce gun violence, mass incarceration, and liberate the bodies of Black and Brown people across the Nation. Live Free is a project of our national network  Faith in Action, the largest grassroots faith based organizing network in the country with more than 1,000 congregations in 22 states and 150 cities.


The Organizer will lead with members of our Black Church Coalition in Indianapolis win structural reforms that promote the well-being and safety of Black people at the local, state, and national levels. For example, in Indianapolis our work led to dramatic drops in incarceration, civilian control of law enforcement policies, and implementation of the nation’s most effective strategy to reduce gun violence.

The new organizer will build on this success and advance policies to end mass incarceration, gun violence, and re-imagine public safety. Organizers recruit, train, and develop grassroots volunteers to build organizing teams, co-create Black-led campaigns, that engage hundreds of people from directly impacted communities to build cross-racial solidarity and take collective action.

Are you passionate about grassroots organizing as a means for racial justice and social change? If so, please read on.

In this role, you will: 

  • Recruit and develop leaders. Agitate and inspire people to take on bold risks and responsibility. Demonstrate a disciplined focus on intentional leadership development through one to one conversation, identify self-interest, invite grassroots leaders into the public arena. Organizers average 15 one-on-one meetings a week.
  • Build teams. Deeply invest in people, who develop the leadership of others. We are known for leader-driven organizing at scale. Organizers coach and support leaders to engage 300+ leaders in public events, direct action, house-meetings, and campaigns
  • Co-create big plans. Co-create with grassroots leaders, long-term strategic plans that escalate power and deliver wins on racial and economic justice. Write your plans down so they can be owned broadly and free people up to act.
  • Build Vote Power.  We are flipping the formula to grow the vote power of people of color, women, and youth and turn non-voters into voters.  Faith in Indiana staff are contracted by Act Indiana to run large scale voter engagement programs  throughout the year.
  • Build Money power. Raise grassroots funds thru individual and congregational donors
  • Amplify on the ground organizing with sophisticated tools. We equip leaders with sophisticated tools to amplify the on-the-ground organizing and bring far more people than we can personally touch into our movement community. For example; integrating tested-messages that inoculate dog-whistle racism and build cross racial solidarity; , support leaders to collect data and track supporter participation; overlay digital organizing and large-scale grassroots fundraising.
  • People at the Center. Bring your full self and brilliance into a strong accountable relationship with your supervisor and peers. Be willing to develop yourself through direct feedback, challenge/agitation, ongoing reflection, reading, and learning from staff, leaders, clergy, and others.
  • Model our Values and Culture. Shared Power. Radical accountability.  Trust. Courageous and direct conversations.  Development of People is the priority. Inclusion. Money is power. Risk and Reward. Model these values in all we do.
  • Develop yourself. Build a strong relationship with your supervisor. We practice action reflection learning. Be willing to try-on new ways to approach something even if you’re not sure it will work. We encourage direct and courageous conversations as part of self development.


You could be great for this role if:

  • A passion grassroots organizing as a means for racial justice and social change
  • A demonstrated ability to work independently and manage multiple priorities in a fast-paced, deadline driven environment
  • You can lead from behind and from in front. Successful organizers develop new leaders, who are often trying-on public roles for the first time. Be ok with hours spent making phone calls, reaching out to people you don’t know, and many vital but unglamorous activities that create the conditions for change.
  • You are flexible and able to work in versatile environment, available to work evening and weekends
  • Have basic computer skills; google suite and social media platforms
  • All applicants must have reliable transportation, a driver’s license, and valid auto insurance.

While not required, a strong candidate might have one or more of the following: 

  • 2+ years of success in community, labor, or electoral organizations and can point to tangible results for people
  • A strong track record of building multi-racial teams to take action on shared goals (this could be at work, in a congregation, or in a volunteer capacity)
  • Political sophistication as relates to organizing strategies
  • Demonstrated track record of developing the leadership of others
  • A masters in divinity, a history of leadership in religious settings, and a passion for the role of faith in social change.
  • Experience coaching clergy and faith leaders, particularly in diverse Black Church contexts

Regardless of role, we expect everyone at Faith in Indiana to:

  • Recognize the impact of white supremacy on all of our lives and bring racial equity, inclusion, and intersectionality to all levels of our work.
  • Have high emotional intelligence
  • Approach obstacles that must be overcome with tenacity and persistence, with the understanding that sometimes requires self-reflection, patience, and empathetic listening.


This will be a full-time, exempt position based in Indianapolis with significant evening and weekend work.  The compensation for this role includes a salary of $40-55,000 (depending on experience) and excellent benefits including full medical and dental coverage, a 5% retirement match after 2 years, and generous paid time off. We also provide a cell phone with unlimited talk and data and a computer at the beginning of employment.


Please email your resume, answers to the questions below to:

In lieu of a traditional cover letter please answer the following questions:

  1. Why are you applying for this job? (Suggested word limit: 200)
  2. What is a formative experience with injustice that brought you into the social change movement? (Suggested word limit: 200)
  3. In the About this Role section of this job listing (see above) there is a list of bullet points under the heading “While not expected, a strong candidate might have one or more of the following…” Which of these bullet points do you believe you bring to the table? Please list them with a few words of explanation if that’s useful. Note, where there is a list of different ways to meet the criteria of a single bullet point, please specify which one(s) you bring to the table.

In addition, please be sure to include your last name and “Black Church Organizer” in the subject line of the email.

Questions about this position or the application process can be sent to

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, with applicants encouraged to apply ASAP and no later than 11:59pm ET on Friday, May 28th, 2021.


Confronting the systems of racism that structure our economic, political and social lives is at the heart of who we are, and Faith in Indiana is committed to develop a highly effective, directly impacted staff team with deep roots in the communities we organize. 

Of our 11-person Board of Directors, six are women, eight are people of color, and ten are low-income. Of our five full-time staff, four are women, two are people of color, two are LGBTQ, all five come from low-income backgrounds.

Faith in Indiana is an equal opportunity employer with a strong commitment to social justice. People of color and women are strongly encouraged to apply. 

Please note: Candidates should be respectful of people of faith but may be of any (or no) faith or religious background.


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