VICTORY: St. Joseph County Officials pledge to #FundOurLives with Crisis Response Center and Mobile Crisis Teams

We know what keeps us safe: living in communities where all of us can provide for our families, get the care that we need, and build the future we want.

That’s why, on Sunday, May 16, more than 300 Faith in Indiana leaders came together to call on our representatives to dedicate at least 10% of the $125 million in recovery funds coming to St. Joseph County to support a robust crisis response network.

One by one, our elected leaders — Sheriff Bill Redman, Oaklawn CEO Laurie Nafzinger, St. Joseph County Health Officer Dr. Bob Einterz, and St. Joseph Commission President Andy Kiostelney — pledged to do their part to put a plan in place by the end of the year to build a crisis response center and establish mobile response teams, so our loved ones can get the care they need, rather than end up in jail.

This is a huge win for the people of St. Joseph County, friend, and it would not have happened without the hard work of Faith in Indiana volunteer leaders and financial support of people like you. Sunday’s victory was more than two years in the making — the result of thousands of hours of work by Faith in Indiana members — and it’s going to take many thousand more to make sure the crisis intervention center is successfully completed.

For many Hoosiers, the pain of struggling with a mental illness or substance abuse disorder is one they know all too well. It’s likely that your life has been impacted by mental illness or substance abuse in some way, friend. In fact, one in five adults in Indiana suffer from at least one mental illness and nearly a half million people across the state struggle with addiction.

Too often, a powerful few shape the agenda and the imagination of our political leaders — at the statehouse and in our local communities. The same old tactics are used to fuel fear among us based on what we look like, where we come from or the struggles we face. And while we’re working to make ends meet, afford healthcare, and recover from addiction, corporations get tax breaks and rake in record profits, while safe effective treatment remains out of reach for our families.

By joining together, we can create the future we want. Will you help get our crisis response center to the finish line by chipping in $3 now to fund Faith in Indiana’s organizing work?

We can make Indiana a place where our elected leaders fund our lives, so we can care for our families, set our kids up to thrive, and have full and healthy lives.

Together we can make a crisis intervention center happen.

Together, we can fund the care that all of our families need.

Together, we can build the future we want.

So what do you say — you in? Help us build a better tomorrow for Indiana — chip in $3 now to fuel Faith in Indiana’s organizing work.

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